FLPI: A1700032

After spending a few years in the Spanish Marine Corps Infantry, I was admitted into the National Police Corps in 2002, which I remained until 2014 the capacity of Operational Staff Member in the Police Intervention Unit in the Kingdom of Spain (the equivalent of the United States SWAT). I have been granted an indefinite unpaid leave of absence, which allows me to venture into a new career path in the private sector, as a personal challenge to obtain more international experience. This is why Miami (Florida) has always been the ideal place for me, thanks to both its international strategic projection and to its potential for touristic development.

I hereby notify that my skills, extensive training and professional experience acquired in the Police and Military area for 16 years and my studies comprising an Associate Degree and a Diploma in Criminology.

My professional experience as a Police Officer is described as follow:

– Investigation of crimes, especially organized, economic, financial, technological, monetary and drug trafficking.

– Investigation of people, places and/or things to clarify any criminal or civil act through: Interpol, Courts, Civil Guard, Regional Police, Local Police and other Corporations at the disposal of the National Police.

– Surveillance to obtain any information required to clarify or provide any data of Police or Judicial interest.

– Conducted Police interviews and conduct surveillance investigation in order to find the truth of the facts.

– Gather information of investigations through all means available to the National Police Corps, (computer, senior officers, citizens, victims, etc.).

– Expert in Document Falsification (all types of documents).

– Check of Status, Civil and Criminal Background, Drugs, Restrictions, Prohibitions, etc.

– Execution for the Police Intervention Unit (SWAT equivalent in U.S.A.):

  • Protection of Their Majesties, King and Queen of Spain, and other high level VIPs.
  • Prevention of acts against civilian security, and its maintenance and restoration.
  • Intervention during demonstrations and public displays.
  • Action and assistance during grave calamities or public catastrophes.
  • Counter-terrorism and tackling common delinquency.
  • Intervention during riots and dangerous situations.


– Associate Degree in Criminology (Spain).

– Working towards a Bachelors Degree in International Business (US).

– The following licenses are certified in the State of Florida:

  • Class “A” Private Investigative Agency.
  • Class “C” Private Investigator License.
  • Class “D” Security Office License.
  • Class “G” Armed Security Officer License.
  • Class “W” Home Firearm Safety License.
  • Notary Public License.
  • Real Estate Sales Associate