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In addition to its importance as a tourist center and as a second residence for citizens from any geographical area, Miami is a vital point of contact in American economies. There are many people who reside in Miami or travel there for business. This country have become one of our priorities at the level of research.

Our agreement and collaboration with the agencies in Miami offer the same services as our agency. They offer the following services:

Infidelity Investigations

If your partner is traveling to anywhere in the world, on a business trip, or simply traveling with friends our detectives can inform you of all their movements for example: date,  time and places they have visited. Our detectives will gather all the needed evidence and will provide videos and photos so you can see for yourself and determine if their behaviors are appropriate.

Stop wondering and suffering about what may be happening, put your mind at ease and contact us. We will find out the truth in a discrete and professional manner. Our professional detectives will keep you informed in a timely manner.


In recent years the number and amount of people who hide in different places in the world and their surroundings has increased in alarming rates. For example, if the person you are looking for is in places with these characteristics, our team of private detectives will locate them and provide evidence of their residence and whereabouts.

Business Intelligence

If you are looking to partner up with potential suppliers or customers travel to other places we can provide you with the needed information in order for you to make a sound decision. Our team of detectives will provide you with truthful and honest information.

Do not rely blindly on information that is provided, check with our research team for detailed and accurate information. If you want truthful and honest information contact Golden Lion Investigations, our team of detectives are professional, serious and effective.

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