Method and research planning

From the moment in which our customers contact our agency, begins a rigorous procedure that ensures the optimum use of the time and resources that are assigned to us.

First phase: Consultation and advice.
Customer exposes the source of your problem, special circumstances and looks at those aspects which may be of interest for research.
Then is offered a research planning, how many Detectives will intervene, the results we seek, a work schedule and a budget of total research.

Second phase: Information and development.
Once the client accepts our research proposal, begins the gathering of information that may be required or of interest in the development of the mandated service.
Immediately, and according to the set schedule, starts the development of research. Theprivate detective speakers begin to report the information obtained.

Third Phase: Conclusion and results delivery.
Once the investigation has concluded, is issued the report, containing all the data and information obtained during the development of the service.
Is accompanied by the found documentation, photographs, video, and all the necessary evidential material that during the investigation, Detectives have been collected.

Fourth phase: Ratification of the report.
If necessary, the report will be ratified before the courts of Justice, visiting the detective who have contributed in the development.

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